Yank-N-Crank Extreme Fishing Apparel
YANK-N-CRANK offers original fishing T-shirts, caps and accessories.

YANK-N-CRANK features boldly unique and EXTREME designs that appeal to everyone who enjoys the sport of fishing and the fishing lifestyle.

YANK-N-CRANK features apparel for fishing, spear fishing, lobstering, boating, kayaking, and any other water sport that involves the catching of some sort of challenging foe.

YANK-N-CRANK is committed to delivering designs that make a statement. We ARE Extreme Fishing!

Here at YANK-N-CRANK… We don’t want just any ol’ fishing apparel line… We want the Extreme Fishing apparel line. Great designs that make a statement about how much you love the sport of fishing and the fishing lifestyle.

When it says “YANK-N-CRANK” on the tag… You know you are getting high quality products that exceed your expectations in both look and performance. Our products combine quality craftsmanship, great comfort and Extremely cool designs… the fine qualities that we all want with our Extreme Fishing apparel.

Quality and excitement that will make everyone ask…

“Where did you get THAT ?”

Just say, “YANK-N-CRANK, baby…


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- YANK-N-CRANK In Action -

- YANK-N-CRANK In Action -